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First and foremost the Law Firm Ambrożuk-Wesołowska, Dąbrowski Legal Advisers Professional Partnership provides legal services to entrepreneurs. On the one hand they are supported in their ongoing operations, and on the other hand they are provided with legal services when the Clients’ key undertakings, which require special involvement and an extraordinary eye for detail, are in progress.

Our law firm specializes in the following areas of law:

Prawo cywilne

Civil law

We are highly experienced in developing various types of civil law agreements, including typical sale or lease agreements, as well as complex consortium agreements, which require an unconventional approach, contracts for sale of enterprises, share purchase agreements, etc.

Not only do we provide services regarding development of contracts, but also comment on the projects prepared by our Clients’ contractors. We point out the risks in relation to particular provisions, as well as suggest our own solutions and at the same time we seek to provide tax optimization for the undertakings in progress. If need be, before agreements are concluded, we also participate in negotiations and make sure that our Clients’ interests are secured.

Prawo spółek

Company law

Our law firm provides assistance in establishing commercial law companies by means of developing customized articles of association, arranging appointments with a notary public and registering a company in the register of entrepreneurs.

We also provide a full range of services related to the functioning of a company, taking into account all tax law aspects. We develop by-laws for the company governing bodies, conduct meetings of these bodies, pilot procedures with regard to alterations in the articles of association, raising the capital, extinction of shares, etc. We also have an experience in company mergers and transformations.

Prawo przewozowe

Transport law

Transport law is a field of law in which our law firm’s Partners combine their professional experience with academic interests. In particular, our law firm provides assistance in litigation and out-of-court disputes relating to non-performance or misperformance of transport contracts, especially with regard to contracts pertaining to international transport.

Our Partners long experience with this regard is gained in the course of several hundred transport cases, including the cases before the Supreme Court. This experience also resulted in numerous publications penned by our Law Firm’s Partners, including a commentary on the CMR Convention (the only one on the Polish market), a commentary on transport law and two monographs (International Road Transport Agreement based on the CMR and assessing the damages in transport law in relation to carriage of goods).

Prawo ubezpieczeń

Insurance law

Our law firm deals with the issues related to insurance law, especially by providing assistance in pursuing claims for damages against the insurers who refuse to pay damages both to entrepreneurs and entities who do not run a business.

As a result of our vast experience in claiming damages related to running businesses as well as remedies for wrongs suffered from road accidents we provide accurate assessment of the circumstances and conduct proceedings effectively.

Prawo upadłościowe

Bankruptcy and reorganisation law

We provide services in relation to bankruptcy and reorganisation law, having vast experience in this respect. The Partners gained it by way of representing creditors of the entities in bankruptcy or restructuring, but first of all by way of providing legal services to trustees, provisional court supervisors and compulsory administrators, and, what is more, in the past they held these positions independently.

Our theoretical knowledge of this field of law complemented with an in-depth knowledge of practice provides our Clients with effective protection of their interests, including support which prevents them from becoming insolvent, as well as suggestions of flexible solutions relating to restructuring and services for debtors undergoing bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings and other entities involved.

Spory sądowe


Our law firm’s Partners represent Clients before the common courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in litigating all kinds of disputes, but especially in these which relate to construction projects, company law, transport law.

We also provide assistance at the pre-court stage and negotiate the terms of a possible settlement as well as provide mediation between the parties involved in a dispute. If a contractor is in arrears with non-contentious receivables, we do our best to obtain the enforcement order as quickly as possible in order to bring effective enforcement proceedings. Furthermore, our Partners provide legal assistance with regard to running court and administrative cases before the administrative courts and Supreme Administrative Court, particularly with regard to tax law.